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College student trying to make a new product

I am a college student in majoring in business marketing and I’m interested in making a new product but I don’t know where to start. This is a personal project. I have plans on how to market it already, but I’m stuck on probably the biggest element... the creation of the product.

This product will be a type kitchen application containing the material along the lines of silicone. My idea seems to be straight forward but the materials will need to be made in a factory. I can make a prototype by hand, and use materials that already exist. (But it’ll not be useable and will be janky) But If I want to move forward I cannot make this by myself.

The main question I need help with: -Where is a good place to make a promising prototype, and possible make more for me in the future?

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Any product design lab can do it. The basic cost is $1000, and they will make prototypes using real materials for you, and do CAD design for you, and everything. For 1000 dollars the work is not so good but it is way better than what you can struggle with. The stuff you are trying to make has no mystery - people make and design and prototype that stuff every day.
The key word is "industrial design". American companies use natives and Chinese use natives. Americans produce better designs but Chinese can do a low cost work, both would take 2 month and you need to monitor the progress.
Making more down the road is easy. It is just the cost of raw materials and production. A molding factory makes 10,000 units in about a day. So if you give them an order of 10000 they will say, "is that it?". The materials cost would be around 10 dollars, so the first batch production would be 100,000, a hefty jumping from the first 3D model.

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May 18, 2020 at 11:08:40 PM

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