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My competitor is copying me - what should I do?

I know the answer is probably "nothing", but it's incredibly frustrating. I launched my online store one month ago, because the existing offerings were quite amateur and there was a gap in the market for a better, more professional company. Since I launched, my competitor has started copying my marketing, my social media posts, my Facebook adverts (almost word for word/image for image), my loyalty programme (she is using the exact same points and reward scheme as me, right down to the number of points customers get for certain actions). It's like every day she has stolen yet another part of my business. I know copying is supposed to be flattering, but it doesn't feel like it. Customers are starting to mix us up because she is copying my marketing so closely. Has anyone else had this experience? What would you do?

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Out compete technologically. Out service. It is only the start of the battle.

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If she is stealing your original content(if the images, etc are not public domain for example) you could probably send over a cease and desist followed by a lawsuit if she ignores it.

Otherwise, provide a better service.

Yeah it's the "ideas" that she copies, there's no copyright infringement. But it's like, every single little idea. Not just the big stuff. She's really on thin ice with it in terms of copyright - if I put our two current Facebook ads side by side you would think they were by the same company. It doesn't benefit either business for her to copy me so closely. I think I just needed to rant more than anything, to people who might be able to understand the frustration. Thanks.
If your business is so easily copiable you are going to struggle long term anyway.

Sounds like you are just doing some basic dropshipping setup, simply acting as a middleman between end consumer and a "supplier"... low barrier to entry businesses are a double edged sword. Easy to start, but then easy for everyone else to start as well. You need moats

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June 29, 2020 at 4:03:04 PM

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