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How much should I set aside for FB launch?

I have a new digital product that I want to advertise. I roughly know my target demo and let's keep it in North America but otherwise Geo agnostic.

Wondering what you think a healthy ad budget would be before I start seeing results or can be confident that my product isn't good. Or what else do I need to figure out before I'd have a better estimate.

I've done some FB Ads but it was a side hobby and I think I had like total spend of $150 or less which I know is far too little to get any good campaign data.

Anyway in sum - trying to budget a launch, wondering how much I should set aside for FB advertising.

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100 dollars a day.

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It depends what you can afford. Maybe start small with $5-$10 per day and scale up from there if it works.

That's the beauty of Pay Per Click, you don't need a huge upfront payment. You can pay as you go, pay per click.

Stop if it doesn't work. Scale if it works.

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June 24, 2020 at 5:24:28 PM

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