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Does saving money make you billionaire?

Do billionaires see any point in saving money?

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Money is water.

Business is river.

Billionaires mostly have business. They live next to a river, they never worry about money or water

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Saving money to them has a different meaning altogether. Unlike most of us, who think saving money is putting them in a bank and hoping to keep it safe.

Banks mock us with an annual return of 3–4 percent on our own money. Billionaires do not save their money in banks, they know this and banks do not want use to know it.

Billionaires seldom keep their money, in form of money. They either invest in lands, companies, people or reinvest the money in their business. They hardly keep anything to them, just enough to support their lifestyle.

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August 15, 2021 at 7:05:52 PM

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