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Do you need to be aggressive to succeed?

Do we really need to be 'crazy aggressive' when we start a business?

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I think so. It is MY money invested, and I don’t want my family to suffer from MY mistakes! Aggressiveness is good in this aspect, and Investors want to see your passion(aggressively wanting to succeed).

Once you have a Product to sell, you need aggressively market and sell it as quickly as you can do to ensure that it will be well accepted, and increase your sales base, both return customers, and new customers that, hopefully, will be referred by your existing base customers.

Marketing, in all forms, must also be aggressive, as well as support for the Product. If you are lucky, and have a great Product, you will succeed.

Otherwise, you will lose your investment, both time and money, lay off your employees, and re-think your Plan.

Other points

Shrewd and aggressive.

Not “crazy”, but “unbelievably cruel”.


Yes you need to be aggressive.

Let me give you three stories.

One time we sell something, then someone sell fake stuff for lower price. They “took care of” all fake reviews by bribing the Amazon platform workers to remove all bad reviews.

One time we make something and there is a competitor. The competitor does not make money. But it is willing to take you under water. The competitor does this as a “recreation”.

One time Murdoch spent 500 million on, and then facebook took him down - without mercy!

Does Michael Jordan show Karl Malone any mercy on the court? Not a shred! Business is a game. It is brutal and fun competition.

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August 10, 2021 at 1:31:36 AM

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