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Does this have potential to be a business?

I’m a graphic designer with 6ish years of experience in the ad industry (I do much more than just designing visual elements though, doing end to end campaigns). I recently wanted to upskill and learnt how to make AR filters for Instagram and Facebook, both for personal use and for making advertisements.

I was wondering if that’s a sustainable side-business idea, specialising in AR filters, and selling those filters to whoever needs it - brands, influencers, celebrities. Is the category niche enough to be making enough good money? I see the filters being used everywhere in many novel ways specially for the launch of movies, games (AC - Odyssey) etc. I don’t mean to quit my job, but rather want it as a supplementary income.

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Figure out the channel - how orders come in automatically and goes out automatically, and it is definitely a great business. In my opinion. It would be a service business though. If you want to make into a passive income business, build a machine/tool to automate it

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May 18, 2020 at 5:26:51 PM

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