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Does trying to drive blog subscription make sense anymore?

I'm talking about the SaaS industry in particular. Does blog subscription still figure as a tactic in your content marketing marketing strategy?

The majority of people who read your content, be it a blog post or a whitepaper on your website’s resource section, aren’t your regular website visitors. Instead, when they are looking to find a solution to their problem or researching on the topic, they end up landing on your article or web page.

Let me back this up with some data.

Looking at some of the most successful blogs in the SaaS world, it was found that only 17% of visitors were returning. That means these sites get 83% new visitors every month.

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If it's a niche blog, I believe it still makes sense. Because even if it only drives a few extra views, that's still extra traffic you can profit off of.

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I personally would still have the option there, because even if it's 17% that are returning, that number could be higher for your site. Everyone has their own opinion, if you don't want to put a focus on it then you don't have to.
Same here. Typical thing is to ask for the email to send a checklist/whitepaper/… and convert them step by step (over the course of several emails).

I think that totally depends on the topic. E.g. when I'm looking for a new dishwasher, I just want to get the thing selected, purchased and then working. I would not subscribe to a blog about the latest dishwasher technologies. Just to name a stupid example :D

What is your blog and the specific landing pages about?

PS: Maybe the approach of the "lead magnet" could be something for you.
I find in this space, people are more likely to sign up for an email "course" more than a blog subscription. You have a marketing blog.

Let's say you offered a 5 day social media marketing course for small startups. Chances are more people will sign up for the course than would subscribe to your blog after stumbling across your one blog post on the topic.

It helps build your brand authority and trust with the visitor. Now they know they can trust you, and next time they are looking for marketing info, they are more likely to seek you out for the answer.

Personally, I like email courses because the commitment is short. I know there is an end. I am not expecting to get spammed by content that missis the mark. I am signing up for specific, more in depth, info then I would get from one blog post, or a blog subscription to another marketing blog.

Also, if you call it a masterclass, it sounds fancier! A free masterclass...why yes I will sign up for that, better do it quick before they start charging!

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June 30, 2020 at 2:20:30 PM

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