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I'm in the process of validating an idea that i've had for a few months. I have almost 200 signups and done no marketing other than posting my landing page link in forums where my prospective users are. With that being said, so many of us are at a crossroads as to what to do next? Should we build it? Should we spend time and money and go all in? Well, I serendipitously came across this book called "The Right It" ( and OMG is this book amazing! It gives you crucial tactics to determine if your idea is the right it before even building anything. If you're serious about starting a business, read this. I see so many people on here saying they're building this or that or wanting to start something but really we all should be asking ourselves are we building something people truly want?

Sorry to knock it to you, but if you don't validate with money or skin in the game from an actual customer first, then there's no point in going any further. Please please please read this book as it is a lifesaver in time and money with whatever you're pursuing. We have to stop kidding ourselves and thinking every idea we have is the "one". Hope this helps anyone out there who's building or looking to build something. Even with my signups, I still plan on validating somehow with real money being handed over.

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That is a good spirit, but no young entrepreneurs would like to hear any of it.

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May 9, 2020 at 6:37:22 PM

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