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finally started my own business and my friends lied to me

is it normal for when you’re promoting ur business, all your friends are like “i cant wait to buy!! omg im so excited im gonna buy something!” and once u open, you have no sales? like its super hurtful :(

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Congratulations on starting the business! I'm in the same boat too. I found that at the start they're really excited for me (thinking that I wasn't that serious about it) but when I started making moves, they kinda became critical and negative about it. Hence, I don't ask for feedback or share any good news to them. To be fair my friends aren't actually in my target market so it makes sense why they don't get it.

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Your friends and family will always tell you what you want to hear but don’t build a business to serve “them”. Go outside your natural market (friends and family) to really validate the need for a product or service. Don’t waste your time with friends and family, talk to real people and have them tell it to you straight before you go spend money on creating something.

Congratulaltionts, you have discovered that no one buys anything easily. It's always like this. Buying something from someone is a big deal! Don't blame your friend - they are just acting human. To get something that people would pay you to keep, you must give them value. To put it very slang-way - you over give them and they tip you. If you give them something that will melt in an hour and they give you a dollar bill which is recognized as legal tender the world over and can buy anything you want - you can tell they don't give you the dollar easily.

If it takes you 10 dollars to make something, never expect people would pay you 20 to acquire it. You can ask for 2, and they will hesitate. Think about Google - how useful it is to us but we would not pay google a single dollar.

Here is a video clip Why People Buy ... it will clarify to you when they don't pay you.

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July 26, 2020 at 4:40:32 AM

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