Our company sells artificial diamond and has 1% FB buying rate. How is this?

Hey guys! I have recently opened my online jewelry store Lovelightdiamonds.com and am struggling to convert sales. My company specializes in affordable, lab grown diamond jewelry pieces (engagement rings, earrings, pendants, etc.) The product has been successfully sold with a very reasonable in person conversion rate, but we just cant quite push the online market over the edge. We're using Facebook ads and out of the 1578 people that click through, only 3 have purchased. We've been trying to narrow our audience, but now we're concerned that we've just been missing something from the start. Any input would be incredibly awesome. Thanks reddit friends!

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I think it’s because you’re selling luxury goods. People may be interested and may bookmark then sleep on a purchase rather than buy right away. Most people will not drop a few hundred dollars on an impulse purchase.

This is different than in-person where people who stop by a shop/booth are shopping and primed to purchase. When you’re browsing Facebook, you’re not expecting to purchase jewelry in the next few minutes.

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3/1600 is fantastic number! figure out what you did right and modify FB filter.

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June 29, 2020, 11:07:30 PM

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