How to deal your 'grand idea' that you were salivating about building but has already been implemented?

I am feeling a lot put down since day before yesterday. I finally wrote the spec of the product that I wanted. Yes, it solved my problem and I had verified that it is a common problem. Had been busy working on other ideas and finally I got time last week (got over procrastinating) only to realize that someone has implemented the same thing and in way better way than I even imagined.

For some reason I am feeling very troubled by that. Probably because I have been mulling about it for over 4 years now.

Its not a startup problem as such, its a mental problem. What do you think?

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The problem is thinking that a "grand idea" is at the start of a successful story. The grand idea and the spec is less than 5% of the success. You are feeling demoralized because you think you need to have a grander / newer idea, but what you really need is an idea that you'll personally put years of effort into - and most of that effort will be marketing / dealing with the other friction of business. The Grand Idea version of Entrepreneurship only applies if you have something highly patentable (ie: definitely not software). We get the Grand Idea myth when entrepreneurs tell their stories in retrospect, but it's not where success starts.

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Sell yours for cheaper

Ideas are a dime a dozen everyone has great ideas that collapse the minute they are subjected to the scrutiny of execution.

Put simply: nothing is free. There is no magic product or path. The closest you could get is to be working in specifically emerging sectors that have less competition because the knowledge is niche.

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May 11, 2020, 7:31:54 PM

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