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Getting Users is Impossible :(

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25 minutes ago
Getting Users is Impossible :(
How Do I Do This 🥺

So I’ve designed a service from the ground up and I’m decent at marketing. But I didn’t expect it would be so difficult to get users to sign up. I’ve been running since Sunday and have managed to get no signups.... So people who have started internet services how did you start getting users?

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I think I know why no one signs up. First of all, when you land on the page there is no information about what the hell the service is. There is only a signup form with no information about what I'm signing up for or what value I get by doing it. People rarely just sign up for a website/service before they know what it even does.

Can you tell me something about what it does/offers? Because nothing is telling me what it does on the actual website.

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Website in mobile looks boring as hell + your on page SEO (nevermore off page) is none existent. I googled your company name and it wasn't the first pick. I honestly didn't even read the text because of how boring this looked.

You might have a great product IDK, but I can't get past the wall of text and everything is a single color.

Don't invest any money into ads until you fully optimized your site.

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May 14, 2020 at 9:38:56 PM

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