My boss is bad. What can I do?

How would you handle a boss who creates a hostile work environment and plays favorites on who they give accounts to?

To give a little backstory to this question, around 4 months ago a veteran sales professional in our office was promoted to be our branch manager and oversee myself and 7 other salespeople. Upon his promotion he was to relinquish all of his accounts to be spread evenly amongst top performers and new highers. Well, in March he decided to hire on an old friend of his and allocate every single one of his accounts to this "good old boy." Altough this move was universally disliked and several complaints were made to the regional manager, no adjustments have been made. Essentially, the regional manager is afraid to make any moves that might upset the new branch manager who is in full power hungry mode.

I even sat down with the new branch manager to discuss why certain accounts where not assigned to me and how I could assist him to make the group as successful as possible. His excuse is that all of these accounts are more familiar with his friend and would purchase from him with more ease.

The company I work for has great executive leadership and I thoroughly believe the current state of things has only been allowed to continue due to the lack of knowledge from higher ups.

How would you handle this situation? I could go two steps above as I have a relationship there but it may cause more trouble than its worth. There is always the option of weathering the storm.

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Bosses are always like that. Did you hear that "everyone is promoted until they don't qualify". Many bosses at their position don't qualify :-). No one can be demoted. So try to understand the business reason he is here, and the political reason he is here. Try to accept the fact that he is there. Focus on the growth of yourself. A lot of things are never perfect. Good luck!

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May 19, 2020, 12:54:40 PM

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