Is Pinpoint365 a good name?

had to repost this because one of the options did not fit! I apologize in advance lol. Pinpoint365 Investigations
Lincoln PI Group
Carson Investigations

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It is what your business DO that matters. Names matter of course. The Lincoln Group is good. A good name (1) makes people understand what you do without introduction; (2) never forgotten after a long day at work; and (3) is google SEO friendly for marketing cost. A good name is like whatever your name is - it becomes you, and people need to be comfortable with it.

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Pinpoint365 sounds scammy and cheap to me, not very professional. Like a lockpicking company called WePickLocks247, I would just never use a company named like that.

Lincoln PI Group sounds good, although I think it would be better if it were Lincoln Investigations, or Lincoln Private Investigators, since "PI" could be anything. "Group" also makes it seem a little bit more impersonal, like your company is a franchise of some larger corporation, to me it makes me think maybe I wouldn't get as great a service as I would from a more local company.

Carson Investigations sounds the most professional out of the three to me, and the name is short and easy to remember. Is Carson your name or a location? When a company uses their actual name, it gives them an air of authority I feel. Like if they are willing to use their name on the business, they will take pride in doing the best job possible

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May 3, 2020, 11:28:30 PM

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