Dishwashing liquid business idea

A teenager here, i'm going to start a new business where i sell this product in a liter of bottle and i need advices about how can i make this product unique from others.

Should i change the fragnant and make it more aromatic?

how about the color?

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Good to be exploratory. Your biggest competitor for this idea are two big companies, one is called Kroger and anther called Costco. If you don't succeed, they don't care. If you succeed, they will copy your idea in a heart beat to crush you.

Let's see can you succeed? unless your family owns the companies that make the detergents they won't sell you the chemicals that make the detergents. You will have to have credentials just to buy supplies from up stream sources. After two years of losing money to build the credential, you have to buy from them thousands of gallons of supplies at a time. Your cost would be around 1 million dollars for each order batch.

So, ... please ...

No one is better than you, but they are already NETWORKED.

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May 14, 2020, 4:53:48 AM

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