How do I design a value?

Business is not about making money but about giving and creating value. How do I create value? is there a playbook?

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There are several ways to make value.
First, create simplicity and easiness.
Second, reduce price on something people buy a lot and keep the performance.
Third, greatly increase performance without changing the price.
Fourth, offer protection.
Fifth, offer way of creation.

For example, Google beat other search engines ... because they are all free!
For example, computer chips for grocery store check outs - because it simplifies the clerks' job and reduce the owern's cost (or hiring or hiring bad employees)
Lego, wix, and Roblox all create ways for people to create. And they are almost all free.
Protection is easy ... military protect, detective protect, home alarms protects.

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May 20, 2020, 4:04:40 PM

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