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I make 45K months now with 9 employees. How do I grow to 100 K revenue?

We are a SaaS for a certain segment of eCommerce clients. We are founders with no prior successes under our belt as we are just two software developers. <10 employees total. Its been a few years and we have been steadily growing our revenue bootstrapping. I was interested if anyone who had prior successes (>100K~ MRR) would have some advice.

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Now, I say this not knowing your full model (pricing model/contract lengths vs. month to month, etc.) but I’d say that while it’s great to try to “flood the bucket with water” (in this case meaning onboarding as many net new clients as possible) - do NOT lose sight of client retention.

It can be easy to feel like once you land a client they’re “on” with you.. but you’ll soon figure out your average client lifetime value, and keeping current clients / growing current book of business (if you have cross-sale or up-sell opportunities) and keeping clients happy is HUGE.

Referrals can be one of your biggest channels to grow, and while you WILL lose clients (which is perfectly normal) you’ll want to handle it correctly so that you mitigate the number of ex-clients out there who don’t talk about your company in a great light (“Word of mouth works wonders” works both ways.. positively and negatively).

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Hey buddy, congrats on 45k MRR that's fucking awesome! Hopefully your team are cheap so at 10 people that's profitable.

We were a couple of months away from the magic 100k MRR when covid hit and had some covid churn that set us back but still hope to get there before the end of the year.

Tbh most people who have made 100k+ MRR won't want to go through NDAs, etc. as they're working on their own stuff and this is a reddit post with very little info. So I'd be wary of people who offer to go through all that to help.

Anyway if rate of growth is a problem and you want help try providing more details on the ticket size of a sale, acquisition channels and whatever else. We've managed to maintain 300% growth yoy so far and I've learnt a lot from sasstr on YouTube

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June 13, 2020 at 2:45:09 PM

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