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Started a successful eCommerce business, but I'm too busy to continue.

I started a online business a few years back as a side project. The first year I was actively involved and things picked up quickly with minimal social media marketing. After that first year, I became very busy with my career, returning to school, and a growing family. I put it on the back-burner for some time and did enough to keep it running, but neglected the marketing, growth, and the other elements needed to improve the business.

I now see that I really won't have time to return to it in the near future to give it the attention it needs. I'm sitting on a few thousand dollars in inventory, a decent following on social media, and a decent bit of brand recognition. It's highly automated (minus marketing), but continuing on the current path will result in the fixed costs slowly draining the company. I've posted a couple times on Flippa to sell, but it seems like people aren't looking for eCommerce businesses on there.

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Not sure where you are base but you mention dollars worth of inventory so I'm guessing US. In the UK we have a couple of places Dalton's Weekly, rightbiz and a few others. You could look at those as they have international sections. Also, have a look at eBay. I've had a look for e-commerce sites and online businesses there before and sold an online sweet shop on eBay a few years ago.

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If you want to have an alternative to selling the business, you can also try to hire a part-time or student worker.

For example, if the business does not require a lot of hours of work, a student can keep the shop running, but you should still check it regularly.

Bunch of those go on Craigslist in the b2b section every year. For the right price/location/industry I might be interested in it, DM me.

I would personally list it on Craigslist for a reasonable price and see what kind of hits you might get.

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July 5, 2020 at 9:52:24 PM

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