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How do you "Create Value?". A simple thing I don't understand

Any books that talk about creating value?

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"Value" appear in pairs. Two people who are strangers got married, and value is created. Creating value is creating a relation. Adding value is just work and time. Value is what people are searching for on Google. Value is only relevant to WHO values it. You give the receiver value, he pays you and you value the pay. That's it. Here is a video about value and price.

Anything you buy is of value to you. If I offer to cut your lawn for $1, you'll think it's great value and pay me. I offered you value. If I wanted $1,000, you'd say no thanks because I'm not offering you value. You buy stuff for whatever price because you think you're getting something valuable in return. You buy food, a new phone, etc, because they offer value of your dollars. People want something in return for their money.

Many on here expect something for nothing. That's not offering value. If I can buy a product from Amazon for $10 with delivery tomorrow, you're not offering value if you charge $30 with delivery net week.

The people that get rich generally offer the most value to the most people. We happily give these people our money because we're getting something great in return.

It's why the bible says that being poor is a sin. If you're poor, it means you aren't offering anything of value to anyone.

One basic way to create value is by making your customer feel like they got things that average people cannot get. Example: limited products, premium products, etc. hence enjoying their sense of "status" and satisfying "self esteem" needs, or the pain of not having self esteem, whatever they psychologists spin it.

Other points

If you are still confused. Value is something others are looking for. Creating value means make something that someone is actually already looking for or will be looking for very soon.

E.g. a book on marketing is valuable to those looking to learn how to sell stuff. Yet it has no value if you go and sell it to high school student preparing for a math exam.

Value is "someone will keep what you give". Because it provides enjoyment (as in Coca cola or Tom Hanks movie), or keep the person alive (as in a free meal coupon with no strings attached". Value is beyond needs, wants and desired. Value is what people are hardwired as animals want.

You create value by solving 1 or more customer pain points. Creating a phone that never needs to be charged. You remove pay for free, that is value. If it is dire pain, you can charge a price for them keeping the value.

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July 23, 2020 at 10:14:47 PM

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