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How do you market luxury products? Namely, bouquets?

I have a friend who owns a luxury florist boutique. Their bouquets are top of the glass, customer service is excellent, but their only marketing strategy is word of mouth. Now they want to go online.

But the problem is, while I have marketed several products and services in the past, I have no experience marketing to premium consumers. I am guessing you don't pitch to them promising "best prices" and you don't lure them in using promo codes or discounts. I will probably need to think more about brand awareness than actual lead generation. I am looking into some fine tuned PPC with words like "premium", "limited" etc. and price range included. I'm also considering ideas for creative social media ad campaigns. Maybe SEO, say, a blog with some flower- or gift-related copy, though the niche is very saturated.

What would you do if you were me? I appreciate any advice you guys have.

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I'm also looking for help on this subject. The basics that I've picked up focus on what sets our target audience apart. The ideal customer for a luxury good has little to no monetary restrictions for your product - if anything a higher price can cast an illusion of higher value. Whatever role your sale plays, they want it to be the best possible option. So you'll need to amplify all the best things about the flowers. They're delicate which means you probably want to stick to local sales for consistency on delivering the highest quality freshness. They're beautiful so you'll want the highest quality photography of the product available. I'd spring for an artistic product photographer. Then you want to offer the easiest possible experience at whatever it costs. For people who really care about having the best flowers outside of seasonal events, you might be looking at something like a weekly (seasonal?) fresh-cut flowers subscription.

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May 19, 2020 at 6:48:17 PM

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