How MVPs fail?

The book "Lean Startup" advocates a MVP-test-repeat approach. Its advantage is that "it is idea based" and seems to have low cost. But how many different ways there are for MVP to fail?

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When an idea and a crude model coming out of an engineers head meet the market and meet the human nature (e.g., buying habit), the MVP builders typically are mystified. An MVP typically won't find a sale. Just because you LOGICALLY guess someone will buy to solve a number 2 problem on "a lot" of people's list, it does not mean anyone of them will buy, especially not at the price you want to charge. What the lean startup book fail to mention is that people's need are very sophisticated. Needs don't turn into urges to buy. A lot of MVPs don't provide (1) EFFECTS; (2) VALUE attached to items you sell.

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May 10, 2020, 1:54:38 PM

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