Someone is copying my wife’s instagram shop and posting weird stuff on it

About 4 months ago my wife opened a Instagram shop called @happy.little.finds. She came up with the name, logo so everything she did is original and not copied from someone else. Couple days ago some person opened an account @happy_little_finds with the sole purpose of pissing my wife off. This person has no intention of selling any stuff on their page but one of their posts also sounds like a death threat -they shared a picture of a little table with The Reaper and called it La Muerte which means death- They also put in their story that my wife’s account was the fake account and people should block and report her account. My question is what action can we take for this issue? Any help is appreciated.

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Sorry it happened. Hope they deal with it. But overall, just take it as a compliment. If you open a nail saloon on a street and another person opened one two doors down, you can not call the police. You know just out do the guy.

This article talks about how to deal with trolls, haters and copycats.

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July 17, 2020, 3:06:22 PM

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