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How to get one dollar form one million?

How do I get 1 dollar from 1 million people?

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Sell something with value of 10, to 1 million people, and you will get one dollar from each.

Provided you are trustworthy to those people.

To get paid, provide value.

People pay a price to keep the value, when they see it.

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It turned out that it's harder to get 1 dollar from 1 million people than it is to get 5 dollar from 200,000 people. (see update below)

What can you build that costs you practically nothing than your time and will be valuable for others? Build it and sell it for 5 dollar to 200,000 people. The common example is to write a book about how to make a million dollars and sell it to 100,000 people for 10 dollars. I believe that everybody has several such ideas but only a few people go for them. Take what comes to your mind and start building and selling it. If it turns out nobody wants it, nothing is lost than some hours of your time, but you'll learn so much that you'd love to spend more hours to learn even more.

Update (2014-11-20): It's even easier to get 20 dollars from 50,000 people.

Raising a million dollar from a million folks sounds like a fool proof strategy, ain't it?

Just that it is not going to be that fool proof.

First, why will they want to hand a dollar over to you?

And, how long is it going to take you to reach a million people?

Sounds forever to me.

You need an audience.

A group of people who who will pay the amount you want if you can bring them the results they desire.

Work on that.

Good luck!

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August 10, 2021 at 9:34:44 PM

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