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How to get brand stuff for wholesale prices?

How does an Onlineshop get brand stuff for example adidas shoes to sell in their own online shop? Like do they have a connection/partnership with adidas and get the shoes for wholesale or are there any 3rd parties involved?

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Alibaba/amazon or you can buy as a bulk and it will be way cheaper

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It's called Bulk order or "partnership marketing", such as this

Typically a shoe cost say 2 dollars make in China or Vietnam. It retails for 180 dollars. the "whole sale price" you get at Adidas say is 90 dollars. 90 dollars for the store that carries the shoe, and 88 dollars to Adidas for owning and cultivating the brand and doing research/failed launch/advertising/spokesperson stuff.

The store hires employees, lease the store front, etc. They probably make 2 dollars per shoe sold.

Yes our world is crazy. A 2 dollar shoe takes 178 dollars to sell. But that is basically the truth.

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July 11, 2020 at 1:00:41 PM

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