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I started several companies, they work but don't make money. How to close them?

We own several small businesses that have been moderately successful, but have always had an inverted balance sheet with a tight cash flow/working capital. Covid made things really ugly for just a short amount of time, but with the SBA Loan we were able to right the ship and we are currently thriving. We have no current liabilities, cash in the bank, and are paid ahead on all of our intermediate liabilities. Our bank however doesn’t see it like that and has given us a ton of restrictions for the next six months.

I’m already burnt out and have been for the last year, and have decided that instead of being a slave to the bank, I’d prefer to sell the business and get a job or not get a job (my husband works full time).

But... how do I do it? It may take a while to sell- I’m not sure how to break that to our employees (who will lose their jobs) and customers? Are there any other considerations?

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June 24, 2020 at 5:01:57 PM

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