How to handle disrespectful team members?

We have 1 founder and 4 team members including myself. If it matters, I was the last to join by a few weeks. Just something we all thought we'd work on during lockdown.

Yesterday the founder tells me we have a video conference and fair warning it might be brutal.

Video conference starts and two team members start going off and talking down to me about something rather subjective and how they think I should've handled it.

One in particular flies off the handle and says don't tell me how to do my job and references something days ago where I offered a suggestion.

The founder was present the entire time and barely spoke up to say we all need to get along. She later DM's me to say she wishes they could have communicated in a better way.

Now I'm completely demotivated and not sure how to move forward with this team. Do I pretend to respect these team members when they don't respect me?

This entire thing feels like everyone wanting to feel important and our founder trying not to make waves.

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If your founder does not enforce better communication then she might lack leadership skills.

Your team members seem to be toxic, if this is the first time then it's very revealing if it's not the first time, then your founder did not fix it.

If that's the case, my advice would be to inform your founder that you strongly believe that a healthy culture and a great work environment cannot be built when respectful communication is lacking and that you cannot perform is such an environment.

This paves the way for you to leave after properly alerting the main stakeholder.

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A leader provides and protects. The way they treat you as trash is a reflection of their immature view of the saga they are undertaking and the fact your provision and protection level can be higher so they treat you with some degree of trapidation at least.

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May 15, 2020, 8:29:12 PM

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