How much does it take to prototype an idea?

How do I make a prototype demo/artifact for my idea? how much would it take? what is the process like?

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To make a prototype you probably want to involve four parts: the industrial design, the circuits/programming, the casing, and the packaging/bar code. One needs to keep the secret while reducing unnecessary waste of time and funds. There are three routes that you can go:
1. Go to an industry design company that can take care of the entire process for you. The cost is roughly 5000 US dollars and 3 months (provided you work hard with them). They can make one or five prototypes. 5000 dollars is really the basic cost - any expensive house may not give you better result.
2. Go to a OEM / ODM house if your product is well established. OEM stands for Original equipment manufacturer and ODM stands for original design manufacturer. Let's say you want to make a branded bar of sop. You can go to an OEM and point at an item and say "print my logo on it", or go to an ODM and say "Make it into the shape of a duck and print my name on it". The cost varies, depending on the product nature.
3. Never approach local incubators hackers facilities etc. They never have right equipment and you are beginning at a place that is too low.

Seven Parallel Consulting is based in the USA. We have experience dealing with prototyping vendors, industry designers, mold makers, electronics rapid prototype makers, etc. We can help you arrange the entire project. Check us out, but you are welcome to try to approach people on your own. Go to the following sites to explore:

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