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My APP extracts info from chats. No one interested. What to do now?

Hello everyone,

I've created a Slack App, and created a website for it. I also did test it with some friends and fixed bugs that we found during the testing. I'm in the process of submitting the App to the Slack app store.

I also did contact a few people on LinkedIn to see if someone will be interested, no luck so far. I'm not sure where to go from here? How to get users for my App? There is a free version of the App with some limitations and a paid version. You can check a video I made explaining the app:


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Think of users as a big wrinkle faced monkey sitting in a tree. If you tell him what your thing "Do", the monkey will just say one thing "why should I care?". If you tell the monkey "oh this will help your family from being attacked" he will say "my family is just fine, thanks. now go away. I am resting". If you tell the monkey "If you don't have the tool you will die", he will say "I don't think so". If you tell the monkey that "by having this tool your kid is guaranteed to be admitted at Harvard and it costs you just 1 dollar per year", he will say "ok show me a bit of the video. I am resting."

Man, technical people just want to show off technical stuff. We do things more because we can not because we know how to get into the head of other monkeys. (Sorry for using the monkey analogy, I know we are humans, really really clever species).

You should check out books like "Why we buy" - it is about WHO CARES? like in WHO CARES IF THIS WOULD PREVENT WORLD WAR III. Or WHO CARES IF IT WOULD STOP 100 PEOPLE FROM DYING. What people cares about is very different from what you want to give them. You are given the cold should because of the cliche - who cares?

A classic case is this. IF you tell someone something would cut the risk from 60% to 10%, he will say "who gives a damn care". If you say "it will cut risk from 5% to 0% and if you do get hurt then sue me", he will say "how do I give you my credit card number again?"

An boston business man who shipps Northeastern winter ice to the Carriban's never knows why his offerings were never liked by the island dwellers. "Here, have an ice cream in the hot weather" - but they like it hot that way. The man ended up broke and was jailed for debt. The guy's name is Friedric Tudor, as in

Selling is an art. Not technical.

Other points

How do you prevent making a useless object or code in blind? well this is a great question. You should follow the eight channel startup designer.

No need to say, you did a fantastic job with coding and you are an engineering genius. But to make a business on yourself is different. You may work in a company, and get well paid. But that is because that company has business. Your company on the other hand, don't have the business, and did not find the NERVE that prick a person's brain, yet. Use your skill wisely. If you are a Jedi and just fell trees in the forest, no one will know and care. I am an engineering turned entrepreneur, I understand the pain and agony.

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May 8, 2020 at 11:01:11 AM

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