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My APP is demanded by no one. Why?

Thanks man. It’s been a while that I’m trying to launch something but always stop in the middle because I knew the sales part is my biggest weakness. This time I said screw it, I’ll finish and then figure it out. But yes, you’re right, sales is super hard, getting the right mindset isn’t easy. I love the monkey analogy 😁 So basically, I need to find the right message? Any idea how to go about finding the right people that would care? Thanks for the book recommendation 👍🏽

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Sales is 90% of the work. Most people, your neighbors, maybe some of your relatives, get to earn a living because they LIVE in the sales channels. The less transparent, the better it is for the people who live there. These people don't produce, they just block. But that is why the sales part is hard! it is all human nature, no engineering at all.

But you go through the channel just to meet the old monkey sitting in the tree. Whether HE buys it or not is not what the channel can tell, nor help. So technical guys have two barriers to cross, each is uncertain. The SALESMANSHIP is a bit different from SALES. If people will never buy, salesmanship is no help. You must first go through the channel and see the old monkey. When he pays attentions and bargains with you, you can use salesmanship. Salesmanship is understanding human nature and figure out what device to build in the first place. Actually, technically guys with no marketing acumen make the first guess wrong ... that is why MARKETING is actually the key to success entrepreneurship. Sorry, I had same problem you had before and it takes long time to recover. Hopefully you are young and can take a hit.

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technical person should not automatically become the founder. If you have a market insider, let the market person take the driver's seat. If you make something and then people don't like it, like you invent a new dish but no one would want to taste it, you can apply salesmanship or showmanship to a certain extent, but the mistakes are hard to correct.

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May 8, 2020 at 8:49:08 PM

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