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How to know if users will pay for your product?

I have a video annotation website that attracts a lot of teachers in the EdTech space, and right now I am not charging anything for using it. I get positive feedback. How best can I get verbal written commitments that the teachers requesting certain features will actually pay for a plan once the features come out?

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It goes to three points: pricing power, value, and crowd size. If you are providing enough value for a large crowd, you can afford to try charging. Otherwise it is risky to lose customers. Also it is a matter of market size. If it is niche then you get liked by people, but your customer base may be too small to sustain any tinkering.

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You have the opportunity to add features in the pro version. You have the perfect excuse. "Since everyone requested, I can charge the same thing"

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April 30, 2020 at 10:04:18 PM

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