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Content marketing. Lots of micro-content. We came up with about 7 different posts, one for each day of the week, all linked to our pre-launch website. The same posts used to go on different platforms, like Reddit, Facebook, Indie Hackers, etc. The first one was more of a validation post which read was something like this: “would a software that helps you see who is on your website at all times, so that you can talk to them help you as a business? We are building something similar and we are giving it out at just $5 per month for life if you sign up now. If interested, sign up at …. “

The rest were posts asking for feedback on our design, website, copy, and updating them of our progress and offers etc. So this, got us our first 25 sign-up, to whom we sent an e-mail as soon as we launched beta. Half of them signed up and the rest of our 25 signups came from more posts on the platforms. Within a week, we were at 60 sign ups total.

We still have a long way to go :)

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Well, in this case, the question is the answer.

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What's the website I'll check it out and give some feedback. I too just recently went through this process of getting beta users with a group type ios app. It was hard enough to get the first 50 beta testers to use testflight and once we wanted more to test sharing and invites, which would mean they need to invite their friends, it become more difficult. We are now trying to recruit some more feedback users that will have to rely solo on creating groups from scratch and not being invites by an existing member to really understand and get good feedback.

I went to your site ... looks good, but here are some suggestions.
First, you promise a live store, and yet your pop up said that you are OFF WORK. That is off.
Your pop up notice is right on the most important part of the page. It blocks.
Try to use the picture of a girl, not your own picture. Women sell.
You should not ask for pricing right off the bet. Give users initial credit to hook them in for test use. If people can not test, no one will buy. If you go to a market and ask the water melon vendor for a bite, and if the melon vendor does not give it to you, you won't buy the melon, right?
Your target audience is the on-line store owners, maybe Amazon shop owners or passive income store owners (but that will disrupt their dream of passive income). You should "off shore" their store clerk job for them, then they would appreciate.

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May 9, 2020 at 10:43:23 AM

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