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My idea is saving lifes of many by creating an auto parachute under the seats of passengers through the plane .

Hi guys I'm living in asia and dont wanna mention where exactly but if you PM me I would say where I live.Have you ever thought about saving lifes of passengers when the plane is falling and I think you've got 1 minute to save them.. Sounds stupid but you know possible. I need a team who can work on the ceiling of the plane and make it auto-open . Imagine when the plane is "falling" and you fastening your belts in your seat and you've got 20 percent of survival but what if you have a button to push and while the auto ceiling is opening and the plane is falling you press the button and the parachute starts! Yes that's my idea ! Well I have problems in this way:ppl dont know how to parachute and those parachuting system is expensive..what's your idea? And if somebody can help me through this way lemme know you and pm me

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In stead of saying "Hey, I got a great idea", say "Why is this idea STILL MINE". Millions of engineers and air plane companies and entrepreneurs have been combing through the space you know literally nothing about since 1900. The biggest flaw of this idea is that you can not operate this idea without the express consent of plane operators. If one of your parachute ever fail, your company will be sued to the tune of 100 million dollars/ per passenger. A lot of "good things" are not there because no one wants to get sued.

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It's nice that you think creatively and look for problems to solve. This time you found a not so practical solution for a problem that's doesn't happen very often. Maybe keep your brain working and find a more practical solution for a more common problem!

Plane crashes are very rare and a situation in which a parachute would have helped in the event of a crash is even rarer (doesn’t help at all if your plane gets hit, or hits something). Also 300 parachutes deploying at the same time would probably cause most of them to tangle up and die anyways.

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May 14, 2020 at 12:48:24 AM

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