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I’m 16 and have a business idea, what do I do?

I’m 16 (17 later in July) and I have a business idea that I don’t see around much if at all and I’m passionate about it as it links into my hobby. What should I be doing and how can I “test the water” or get things started? I’m just looking for advise on what to do next. Many thanks!

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There are trillions of ideas on earth. Which one are you talking about?

I just wake up this morning and I already had five ideas:

a free alarm clock that tells me the weather outside

a bath that does not need me to get wet and that is instant

a free breakfast delivery from the local restaurant chef's kitchen to my door

a old cloth recycling service that I can get a new cloth every week

neightbors dog barking in the morning and I want an AI ultrasonic horn to quiet dogs by motion detection and automatically quiet dogs before the time I set with an APP in my phone

If you can tell me which one of the five are true business ideas and which ones are just random thoughts, I would help you. But you still need to tell me which one out of the trillion ideas you are talking about so people can help you.

Ideas is all about doing it. It is like a 17 year old say "Oh I really like this girl, can you help me date her. I want to start a family with her". But but, I can not tell you the idea even if you are just a total bunch of strangers because you might steal her from me.

The idea you have now might just be a piece of pebble you dig from your back yard. It is worthless. In the eyes of a skilled stone carving craftsman, they can turn it into a carved miniature Trump portrait piece and sell it at local flee market for 25 cents. So, tell people the precious idea so people can help you critic. And if you can not tell, then do it to the point that no one can steal it when you tell them. Ultimately you will have to tell them.

Other points

I second the first comment. Without much to go on, my opinion would be to try small scale “mock-ups” to help prove your idea. If you create a product, make it and have friends/family try it. Expand and try again. Use the feedback from the crowdsourcing to use into future revisions. To whatever business idea, product or service you come up with, try and prove the proof of concept.

I know a guy from my area who helped market Papa Joes Salt. This was just a combination of salt (salt sizes/peppers/spices) his grandfather mixed up in the 70s. His grandson years later, 2000s-2010s, helped revamp and market it out with his permission. Now you can find his product numerous states and in big name grocery stores like Wegmans.

If you can not decide what to do with your ideas, then you can come up with the next 999 ideas and pick one out of the 1000. Then you are close.

With each idea, ask your self three questions:

Who EXACTLY is to benefit, and here is a picture of my customer;

What problem do I solve;

Would they likely pay for the solution or just poohpooh it or just grab a freebie and go?

Use this three criteria to grade your idea. Throw it away if the score is <=1.

As 16 year, you can also practice business by solving small problems for your neightborhood - say write an APP for the local community so people can find dog walkers who are trust worthy and people can bid on dog walking price, etc. You advertise by putting 40,000 posters into neighbors' mail boxes yourself and hence it is free advertising. This is a "hobby business" but it is solid practice.

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May 23, 2020 at 11:34:00 AM

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