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I have an idea of developing automation software ,how do I go about?

I have a start up idea but I am afraid of not being able to develop it. Due to lack of money and team. I am not sure where to start ? And bring this idea to product. I am watching youtube, and searching google about how to start a business and get funding. It is overwhelming and due to lack of business acumen hard to understand as well. Any tips and experience will be of great help in giving me some good directions.

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First. Tell people about your idea. Don't keep it a secret. It is probably junk Second, tell people about your idea, improve your idea.

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Start with small steps. Succeeding is 95% determination, execution, and strategy.

Fill out one of these to really think through the idea.

2. Create a basic MVP that shows proof of concept.

3. Find a few bleeding edge beta customers that are willing to use it. Use feedback to refine and adapt your concept.

4. Research Google AdWords campaigns to find out how to market your product online.

5. Setup a landing page and look for free AdWords promo codes to drive traffic and see if you can get any conversions.

If you get past this stage and you can prove demand.

6. Go find an experienced business person with industry contacts to join as a co-founder. Otherwise apply for accelerators with good mentors to support.

7. Together you can create a pitch deck with a product roadmap, financial requirements and projections.

8. Do the actual work.

9. Profit!

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May 14, 2020 at 3:47:09 PM

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