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Dealing with too many ideas

Does anyone else struggle with having too many different ideas. Throughout my life I’ve read nonfiction textbooks, novels, ingredients and basically any form of text a bit obsessively. In the last few years (30M) I’ve really flourished in my ability to quickly synthesize and translate ideas from a shape in my head into at minimum a wireframe or 2D SVGs.

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Does anyone else struggle with having too many different ideas. Throughout my life I’ve read nonfiction textbooks, novels, ingredients and basically any form of text a bit obsessively. In the last few years (30M) I’ve really flourished in my ability to quickly synthesize and translate ideas from a shape in my head into at minimum a wireframe or 2D SVGs.

While I don’t have any particular expertise I can get some idea into a prototype (very rough for physical objects) form if I can stay focused enough. At that point I typically move on to something else. For software I also get it from wireframes through to built on some js framework quickly without a backend though I will also pseudocode the API patterns. The quality of everything varies on the passion of the idea.

My ideas span healthcare, supply chain, solar, hydroelectric, farming, blockchain, operating systems, physical products in general, analytics, ML, and an endless list of rabbit holes I’ve went down and synthesized with other ideas. Some are just ideas others are further along.

I work in software as a PM without much control of the product I’m building. Ideas form fluidly come in different forms so I’d hate to put each idea through a process.

I have some many questions. Any sort of outlet for this? Should I try submitting to one of those starts up incubators even if it’s rough? Groups I can join? I don’t want to slow down and focus on one idea I want to tap into this skill and use it as my business.

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Yes. I struggle with this ALL the time.

The way to sort through them all and decide “is this the one I want to pursue? I see this as involving three filters.

-Feasibility: is this idea doable and are YOU the one that can make it happen?

Timing: based on what is happening in your life at the moment, some businesses are better to start than others.

Values/ purposed: the first two are more objective, but this one was is entirely subjective and harder to pin down. Which idea best aligns with who you are and where you are trying to go?
It is very common issue for many people. Hope a post like this help you.

You and many many others need to focus. Hardest thing for book smart people. People who do not read that many books focus naturally. Feel comfortable focusing. Focusing, the world opens. Think, the world closes. Good luck.
It is always good to have someone of a similar mindset, to bounce ideas off of. That way you can eek out if what you're thinking is feasible, if it has legs - and if there are any immediate roadblocks. That aside, try using dictation and playback audio, instead of typing down your ideas - sometimes hearing your own ideas, in your own voice, helps you to see things more clearly. At least, these are tips that have worked for me! :D
I might be the other way around. I could do the "work" part, starting the company, marketing, contacting costumers, organizing etc. But I dont have any good idead that I could work on. Well, I have a lot but somehow I convince myself that it wont work.

I met many people like this and I can totally related. People have this problem because they assume three things:
1. the world needs some kind of good and new stuff and it is up to me to figure out.
2. success is 1% genius, so I must make sure the genius part don't fail before I start.
3. I want to make myself useful to as many as there are, so I must think hard before I act.
But actually the #1 assumption is wrong. Hence u/arnel23 says based on feasibility, many ideas are bad. The fact is, there are very few good and big business caliber ideas. The world is not perfect, but it is in equilibrium. And people are generally satisfied. They don't have a lot of things, but they also have a lot of things. What they don't have is money, this you can not help.
There are as many ideas as there are sand grains on a beach. Every idea is beautiful. But to realize any idea would take a life time and would make you rich. If you carry two ideas, the second one is like a baggage because it keeps you second guessing yourself.
In the industrial age the world is made by super specializing. The tomato farmers only do tomato. The bean farmers only do beans. What i mean is the world is cruelly competitive. So get yourself a concentration, your only concentration.
Like u/mbd7891 and u/Adam_Gill_1965 say, many ideas we come up with don't have legs. They are frankenstein ideas that do not survive the trip to the real impact. So you must improve them.
Veterans throw away ideas that each is way better. Veterans ideas are deciding which bank to break into. Beginner's ideas are new numbers to fill into the lottery ticket. So this is the most common problem for book smart people all over the world. In the book world the "success" is to get every question right. In the real world the "success" is to experience all manners of failures.
You can use tools to evaluate the idea strength and upgrade them to business concepts. Good luck.

To some extent, the AGENT OF CHANGE is nature itself, not us. We are at best a helper. We are the lightning catchers, not the lightning makers.

To find if an idea is good, you must start to fail. Success comes from failure. Beyond the realm of books, your success depend on your efforts. You try so hard you fail. That failure is badge of true honor.
World is unpredictable. That is because there are schemes hacked around you. It is called business. Or the jungle. An idea that does not survive the jungle is just a diary page entry.

The kind of people who have a lot of ideas are people who are heavily schooled. They are somewhat "brainwashed" to think that ideas are the most critical elements of success. They don't have capital and often no building skills, so they want to find a "short cut" that leads to glory. Actually, they tend to fancy "new things" that can "change the world". But this is a heavy flaw. The world does not need new things that readily, and if you don't put out hard labor you won't get quality, and if you don't apply capital to get revenue no investors would believe you. So a lot of ideas sounds nice and makes sense, until you realize that our world is heavily saturated, heavily competitive, and basically full. There are opportunities everyday, just like grass grow on your lawn everyday. But if your idea is to plant a tree in a "new" location, it instantly takes work.

I’ve been hypothesizing and taking notes most of my life and have only recently gained the skill sets to manifest most of them, though a good amount of them are not “1 person jobs”. As an example, I currently have a prototype for something in my freezer and am running sensors off of it to verify environment conditions, I’m not just sitting back and spewing ideas.

I’m serious about this shit. It seems every time I mention “having ideas” everybody seems to think I’m just in the clouds all the time. I get it ideas are shit until they’re not, I’m not trying to convince I’m something special I’m just trying to build a network than can support my abilities.

The second one thing is successful I know for a fact a significant amount of them will be successful. I’m not scared of failure, I’m a tinkerer with software and hardware and can understand the big picture. I literally run teams to create software to optimize supply chains for a living. All the choices in my life have led me down a logical path to mass produce things once the pieces are in place.

I want to produce things that don’t exist in any form. Everyone sees the current state of the world as normal when we could have went down so many other paths, I’m here to show the alternative paths.
My further response to him:
I can related. Every idea will be successful. But you have to baby sit it there, all the way, through rain and hell. No one will help. If your next door neighbor has a back road market route he knows that you can use, he will not share with you. He would rather not have the inconvenience of educating you. Business is living, is secrets. Most ideas that belong to niche face two problems. The market is small and lean (like only 1-100 million people), and to push any thing lean and mean is a very lonely trip because investors don't get involved. Friends of mine who are great idea people suffer their entire life, because they don't know that the enemy they face is industrial machines, not gadgets that Belle's father built. Industrial machines that can generate 100 million finished novels in a day, funnels 10million chick through one slaughter house and send every part to every grocery store. A single individual is pretty weak, because the world is very used to being pampered by automation and specialization. We kinda live in a frenkenstein world - normal "making sense" is just hobby unless you fight through. No one welcomes new ideas with open palms anymore. I have a list of some failures my friends suffered.

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