Web app for students and people who want to share their school skills.

Toolinbag is looking for students and teachers who have skills to share. You can come with your crew, create a classroom and then teach your most effective study skills. The more subscribers you gain, the more you will be rewarded financially by those you teach.

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Princeton review meets Avon. Lots of programming. Did you talk to teachers? are there teachers using it now? Business model wise it will be hard to get money from teachers as individuals - they are poor. It will be hard to get money from school districts - they are poor. Look at the "failure" of Khan Academy. They can not make money with Gates Foundation backing it. You need to provide teachers some magic and special sauce. With the teachers job so secure after COVID 19, I am not sure what they will say. Talk to as many teachers as possible, seems that is your intended customer.

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May 14, 2020, 5:00:42 PM

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