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I released my first app, how to proceed further?

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1 hour ago
I released my first app, how to proceed further?
How Do I ?


I have released my app this week: a currency converter app. I am unsure on how to proceed next and how I should market the app further (I'm really bad at this).

So let met start with the marketing part. I want to expand the user base, and its proven a much more difficult thing to do. What would effective marketing strategies be to get this known to a lot more people? (besides telling friends)

My second question: is it worth "porting" the app (or apps in general) to the App Store? I'm a bit split over this given the costs (need an apple machine to build the app, recurrent app store costs, time).

My third question, given the above... should I keep adding features or start working on a new app?

I would love to hear your insights as this is still very new to me!

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Such a deep question. Congratulations. It is not easy to go that far. But you have nine times more distance to go.

Here are some suggestions to make it viral. Consider your audience. Who on earth would load an app on a phone instead of just looking up the internet? That is WHO. Then What does the WHO value? what problems do you uniquely solve for the WHO? once you know that, you have some idea of the price you can charge them. Then you go after the WHO agreessively! advertisement, for example. If you spend 100 dollars to land 1 customer, it is not worth it. Then you must ADD value. How do you add value? typically some "sneaky" backdoor ways. For example, gangsters is a problem, but they make police chief able to justify adding budget ... so police department has more "value" to the public. You do not stand alone in the ecosystem.

As a young tree, think about the forest, not just yourself. If you can attract deers which can attract bears who can leave valuable sighting to the park commissioner, they will keep you alive.

Whether you make money or not is not based on your product. Your product alone has no value. Your value to the ecosystem is your value.

APP store is a store. Apple makes 1 billion dollars a week from its app store. The store needs good selling APPs. So if they decide your APP is not good selling, they will not recommended it. In today's world, you go viral or die. So be prepared for the worst, but you have nothing to lose really, since you have made a great efforts and coming this far. Even if everything fails, which is likely the case for first timer, you have earned something big.

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July 3, 2020 at 4:05:05 PM

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