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Spent $2000 on an iOS app developer so far, but realized I should have gone the react native route, what are my options now?

I recently had an app idea that I spent $2000 on, I found the developer on upwork. The iOS app I have still has some bugs and needs work on the UI/UX front but otherwise is functional with a login screen. It made it to the app store but the app is far from polished and most users may not use it due to secondary issues, such as the app stalling when users click on notifications about some item that was deleted. I should have probably gone the react native route as I need an android version as well. The app currently has a firebase backend with photo features. What are my options and was what I paid a lot?

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Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. But most importantly, put it out there and get users.

Worry about changing to React Native later. What you have now is a mostly function MVP, something that will prove your idea, and people won't care as much about accessibility as you, not now at least. Use this time and already-spent money to get your app out there.

What if this app is a garbage idea? Not saying it is, but this is business, you need to at least consider this... if you spend another $2k changing the framework, you'll be down $4k without any revenue or real users.

Get the developer to fix those immediate issues ASAP, put it out there, see where it goes.

Other points

for that price you'll get a lot of bugs

React Native is a beast of its own. Who says its developer couldn’t have introduced the same bugs in the rush of first release as your current hire?
Dev here:

Why does the tech matter?

You have a product, what language or tech you are using doesn't matter.

If you really think it's a problem in the future, release what you have as an MVP and rebuild later on.

$2000 in the dev world is pennies. That's what, barely half a months salary, hell in some places it's not even a week.

As for if it's a lot, depends where and who you are paying and what you get. I can build you an app in 2 hours but it'll be shit. I can also build you an app in 1000 hours but it might be too expensive.

$2000 will get you prototype in the EU and US. But it might get you a complete app if you outsource, but that's another conversation.
I’m a react native developer. Contrary to what others may say. If you need android and can afford a restart in terms of time and money I say cut your losses now. The deeper you go the harder and more expensive it will be to go backwards. RN isn’t ideal for games and such so if you are doing that then it’s not the best option.

I would suggest looking at senior people who are much more expensive but much more efficient it will save you money in the long run.

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May 16, 2020 at 2:40:41 PM

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