I have a million ideas - can I sell them as a business?

How does a business model where you basically generate innovative business ideas and sell them off in return for royalty sound?

I constantly come up with business ideas that I believe would be successful given the market situation at that point. However, I don't really act on it and I see similar product in the market in a matter of a few months or years.

I'm not sure if this sounds logical at all or if something like this already exists. But I'm eager to learn more about it.

Enlighten me, witty potatoes!

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The basic problem with this, is that ideas are worth NOTHING. Try to sell an idea to your neighbor first - if he buys a good idea from you, then try to setup the business.

Why is ideas worth nothing? an idea has to pass a six point test to qualify as "descent". If someone passes you a bottle of milk in the super marketing parking garage, would you buy it? no, you go to the super market.

The "super market" in this is an industry EXPO. Thousands of such meetings happen every day around the world.

Company would spend 1 billion to buy a proven idea, but would not pay 10 bucks for the "pre-tested" version from your idea store.

If you really have this much ideas, try to setup a website and give them for free first. If you get a single organic google hit within 20 years, you count yourself lucky.

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