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I am trying to think of a social app to make ...

I am trying to think of an social media app ideas something that people would like but not see as a copy to an app like Facebook or instagram and I’m just looking for ideas do any of you guys/gals have any bright or improving ideas

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If you are doing something first time, remake an APP. Just be a second and third option. This will ease you into it. Anything you can think of either (1) have no audience or you have to educate and attract the audience; (2) there is no buyer and payer and is too early. If this is your first time, just remake something that has a lot of downloads. It is not stealing or copying.

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How can i get investors to invest in my app?

The process goes counter intuitive. You make it, you fail, and you learn. When you make money, investors would come. You don't "think of an idea and get investment and get some salary and just develop and try".

Good question. Once you start making money, investors would come.

Chicken egg problem, I know.

Make an APP on Roblox, Apple or Android is free. Do it for two years and make no money and give your stuff away for free and just sweat. Then investors would come.

Investors are not free help. You need to help investors make money, not the other way around.

Good luck.

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May 20, 2020 at 4:23:47 PM

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