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Indoor paintball, good idae?

I am thinking about opening an indoor paintball field. I know it is not new and I have seen some but in my area its rare and the closest paintball field is 50 miles away. Theres is no other indoor paintball in my area.

My idea consists of renting a big box office of about 10,000-12,000 sqft. I would use about 2,000 sqft of the place to add a snack room, a reception and a breakroom for employees and equipment to rent.

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... In the left over space i would use triplay wood and other construction materials to make a battlefield. These materials are cheap and I dont think I would incur much cost as I have experience building.

I plan to charge $15 an hour and $35 all day. I would rent equipment and have staff supervising the place.

I really havent looked much into it but what do you guys think? How many players could i fit into a 10,000 sqft place? Do you guys believe there is a market for indoor paintball or should search an outdoor option? I live in a state where there is a lot of land and my city is small.

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You should really ask ... why is it STILL MY IDEA? that is, the rent is too high unless you are in rural area. But you need corporate event sign up to really get it going. It is a brilliant idea, but unless your name is Bill Gates, you can not establish it nor scale it. Please move on if you want some business to run.

There are some other things in addition to paintball you can offer in a place like you envision, such as airsoft, dart wars, laser tag, and video games. See for example all the various indoor activities they offer at this place: I have a small "wish list" myself for local businesses. Pizza take out parlor. Hair cutter. A bagel/soup shop/restaurant would be high on my list if I have the interest.

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May 12, 2020 at 1:52:17 PM

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