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What do you think about my idea of online concert music platform?

I've been thinking about the platform for online concert video streaming which would be mainly used by amateurs and bands that are not famous worldwide.

It would enable the audience to connect with performers to interact during the event and also, for example, to vote which song to play. As Facebook, youtube, and Instagram already provides live streaming service, I was wondering if it would make sense to build such a thing.

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It is a good idea. You need to sink in 5 years of full time work and you need to spend about 150k dollars to promote it, after building it. The website is going to cost 60K dollars at least. It would be helpful if you have personality so you can promote it yourself. Then you have the other problems everyone is talking about - uniqueness, protection, etc.

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I like this at the root idea, i.e. concerts live streamed from bands you don't know, but their fanbase are already tied to their instagram/facebook/twitter/youtube accounts and arranging events and notifications through these platforms would be very simple to tie in with their streaming capabilities so should one of them decide to do it you would be wiped out overnight.

The question then becomes how can you protect this idea, do it well and do it fast with an exit plan to be bought out by one of the Giants in 12-36 months - but the issue is I'm not sure you can monetize it without slowing growth and introducing risk, your first pay day would be when Facebook send you the $150m cheque.

If it were out there, I would have it on in the background as a preference to typical radio so please keep me updated if this starts to move forward.

Sounds nice. Your biggest task is it to generate traffic. If you’re able to, try to interview some bands if they’d like your idea :) Sounds standard, but it’s the best way to prove it.

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May 3, 2020 at 1:39:19 PM

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