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I have an idea of a lawyer social network in India ..

I have this idea of kind of a social media for lawyers where people can post their problems and get response from different professional kind of an forum. There also could have sections with the latest laws and news about laws. A problem I had is people telling me "you need to be a lawyer to develop this" "do you know anything about laws?" I'm guessing this is fake since there are a lot of apps where the founder is not an expert but has contacts with expert that assist him.

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Your idea is a lawyers version of Quora. It is a good idea. What does the lawyer user GET when they use your app for free? That is the only question you need to get. The second question is can you program it yourself? if no can not program it, can you trust some unknown people developing the full version of software for you? In reference, we have free access to Britannica encyclopedia when we use wikipedia for free. By the way, developing such an app and advertising it to various channels would cost about 100,000 dollars of budget. 50K to develop iOs and Android APP and get them to be checked by Apple and google for not infringing or duplicating. If you run a budget of 100 dollars a day for a year for some kind of promotion, it is 36K dollars. If you don't have the money, then someone would wait and see if your software catches on. If it does catch on they would throw in a million dollars and take you out over night. So, don't do it. But everyone knows a small part of the equation.
The application is designed for my country, where getting information on legal issues is difficult due to the terrible web pages used, I also thought that one of the problems that the application It was resolved it was time, avoiding that people took an entire afternoon seeking the assistance of a lawyer on the streets, more or less what will happen to the markets Where people will stop going and use delivery services to make purchases. Your observation on advertising was amazing i I hadn't thought of it that way. I guessing the key of this app is generating a lot of traffic so it can generate money through in app advertising.
The United States version of what you want to build is perhaps It makes it easy to prepare simple legal documents. You need to look up how legal zoom raised money. Law has high entry barrier, and eventually politicians and police will all want their say and cuts., Inc. is an online legal technology company that helps its customers create legal documents without necessarily having to hire a lawyer. Available documents include wills and living trusts, business formation documents, copyright registrations, and trademark applications. LegalZoom was founded by Brian P. Y. Liu, Brian S. Lee, Edward R. Hartman, and Robert Shapiro. Since Lee, Hartman, and Liu were not well known, they discussed a number of prominent individuals who could lend credibility to their proposed enterprise; they decided on the Los Angeles litigator Robert Shapiro. Lee managed to contact Shapiro, and after some discussion Shapiro agreed to help the company get off the ground. Basically, two chinese and two jewish lawyers started it. Shapiro is famous for defending OJ Simpson. On January 6, 2014, European private capital firm Permira announced its intent to acquire $200 million in the outstanding equity of LegalZoom and become its largest shareholder pending regulatory approval. On February 14, 2014 Permira announced that the deal was complete.

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I agree, you don't need to be a lawyer to do this. The main problem I see, would be getting lawyers to install the app when you are starting with 0 users, so there would be no reason for anybody to use it. That is the problem with starting any social network type app of course, but my guess would be getting lawyers to sign up (and download) anything is a lot harder than getting random people to use something like a dating app or twitter clone.

By the way, in terms of traffic, each 1000 Youtube view is 1 dollar of advertising fee. Click through rate for traffic is 2 out of 100. So if you are attracting 100 visitors to your site, let's say 50 of them are organic and 50 CPC, the cost would be around 1 dollar each for the CPC, you are spending 50 dollars a day to get 100 visitors and TWO person who MIGHT buy. If you want to scale you need 100,000 visitors per day, and the cost to lure the in is 50,000 per day, to get 2000 clicks and 20 buys. In this case the customer acquisition cost is 2500 per paying customer, and they want "FREE LEGAL advice". In your country, it is a different ball game, but you need to be a deep insider to know all the seedy secrets no one discusses on the internet.

DREAM BIG. Do BIG PROJECTS. Anticipate the future and drive to it.
The world is SETUP so that average efforts would fail. It is not saying you did not try. But most people just walk hard on a treadmill, where veterans know how to get off it. In Chinese they say "drive the clay cow into the ocean". It will dissolve when it gets in.

If you dream, dream big. Only big dreams that reshape the ecosystem gets selected to be put into the green house for "incubation".

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