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I can never start ... what should i do?

Is anyone constantly asking themselves “what should I do” or catching themselves with all these great ideas and NEVER FUCKING ACTING ON IT? What’s the next step? Im trying to stop the cycle that I’m constantly getting myself into and I’m realizing that it’s gotten me nowhere for the past year or two.. has anyone successfully snagged to open a business that had the same ideas overcame it? What am I missing? Is it being afraid of commitment?

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There are three reasons. One, you don't have building skills. Second, you don't know how the world really works. Third, you don't know how to focus.

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I'm finding that I say this a lot when I'm out of my comfort zone. You don't learn things in your comfort zone. I like the idea above of keeping a journal. This is the single greatest conduit to getting out of your head and in the world.

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July 2, 2020 at 12:59:26 AM

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