Is our product idiotic, or should we refine the idea?

We have created a service to combat the big problem of cheating on the internet in connection with second hand deals.

The product is that people in 10 minutes automatically get a contract that both buyer and seller must sign with their personal issued NemID. NemID is personal and something every individual gets in Denmark proving who they are.

We think based on the way the contract is signed, people will automatically get the cheaters sorted out. And if they don't get them sorted, then they stand far better in a lawsuit.

We launched and got a lot of visitors but no sales. How do you think we should move on from here? Do you believe in the product, can you see other ways we should do it, or something completely third?

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Cheating is how a lot of uneducated people make a living and put foods on the table. The people who cheat only hates their competitors, i.e., other even worse cheaters. There is a lot of nuances. It is not bad against the good.

If you want fight cheating you can open a spy agency and report street crimes to the big bosses "who ever has the biggest stake to lose". Then you have a business. It is like the DVD anti piracy and MSFT anti piracy policing and "reward" program.

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May 23, 2020, 1:08:02 PM

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