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I am in a summer camp and has a popular virtual camp organized. is this marketing?

I work at a summer camp and due to COVID-19, we closed our programs for the summer. However, my colleagues and I have started a virtual dungeons & dragons (dnd) camp and it has significantly more sign-ups than all the other virtual camps. All of the spots in July have been filled and there's only a few spots left near the end of August. The camp director, who works in marketing, did the promotion and although we didn't advertise the camp, would our planning and content development count as marketing? e.g., understanding our target audience

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The 4 P’s of marketing are product, price, place and promotion. You adapted a new Product and used existing channels to Promote it. So, yup, yer a marketer Harry.

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This is not marketing. It is just selling. You are already in the market (some kind of sanctioned safe organization platform, with the camp director knowing a list of people/customers) and you offer a "new dish" on the menu. It is like a university professor offering a new class and it is popular - it is just a menu item, not marketing. If you leave that platform perhaps no people would sign up. If you do a even wilder theme you would get more sign ups. But this is not marketing because you are fortunate enough to already be IN THE MARKET. Have fun!!

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July 1, 2020 at 1:46:15 AM

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