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At what point is it time to consider outsourcing Facebook ad management?

I have been running my own ads for awhile now for my jewelry brand. Although I’ve had some great success running them on my own, conversions have started to plummet recently and I don’t have the bandwidth to constantly test & tweak what I have running already. I am also responsible for every other aspect of my business - from design & manufacturing to marketing & fulfillment.

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Here are my concerns:

Is my budget too low to work with? I’m currently at $80 a day but haven’t gone higher than $120 at any given time. This is mostly based off the volume of sales my ads pull in. If they were to generate more sales, I could quickly raise the budget but for now it’s quite low.

How can I avoid hiring the wrong person? If I’m already using certain data that’s working (LLAs, audiences, etc.) will they be added to FB account and start with what I have - or do they typically insist on only using their own methods? I’ve heard people say you should not expect to be able to view their dashboard/setup - but what if my current results are beating theirs?

What should I expect to pay, and how soon should I expect results if I’m already able to generate some sales on my own?

I would greatly appreciate any advise on this matter. It’s essential that I get sales moving again while avoiding those types that hype themselves up and don’t deliver. I had a terrible experience with a “marketing agency” last year that cost me $13k, so I’m very wary of trusting another marketer. At the same time I need to get my ads producing results again or I’ll go under in a matter of months.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
If the ads were working but stoped it could have to do with covid but I got no idea what your selling so who knows

About hiring someone to run your ads they probably won’t do any better than you and every time I look into some company it’s always some shady scams I’m sure there are good ones out there but they probably want too much $$$

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May 23, 2020 at 9:42:02 PM

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