I want to do something useful in New York ...

I just purchased a great domain. Think NewYorkCity.io, but for my area. I live in a tourist destination, where business is booming (restaurants, retail, construction, etc) and tech companies, other than web designers are non existent.

I want to build something people or businesses in the area can get good use out of. So far I’ve built two other websites, one an interactive map of my area and e-commerce store, and the other a local social network.

I was considering just doing web design under my new domain/company, but I’ve tried this in the past and had little success. I would prefer to build a website or SAAS application that generates money rather than build sites for other people.

Do you have any ideas?

Best Answer

The website should be about 10 dollars a month. But it is not about website at all, it is all about SEO and letting people finding you. It is never about what you want to find and trying to figure out what people want.

Try not to build anything until you have a sale or a buyer. Your biggest cost would be SEO and google ranking.

Good luck.

Other points

A digital marketplace for the towns shopping would be really interesting. Then the local stores pay you a SaaS to host their digital website. Can sell great merch to tourists who loved their visit. All in one place. You could kill it with decent newsletters for vacations, deals, local recs.

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