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Should I try to become a CEO first and then start my business?

My goal is to start my own busines, but at the moment I have no experience or exposure either, so I thought of becoming a CEO for a corporate company and then start my own venture, Do you recommend this way?

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Think of business as basketball game.

You want to win a championship in basketball, but you have no experience playing nor having money to run a team, so you want to be the CEO of Chicago Bulls so that you can learn something then you can win the championship as a player.

That was what your question was.

The way to do is to play the game, and play against people every day. You lose all the time but you learn each time. Over time you will learn how to win championship at your neighborhood pickup games tournaments and win it each time, you get paid to coach little players in the neighborhood.

This is how business really is.

This is called well grounded thinking - it sound depressing but that is the truth.

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Climbing the corporate ladder to a CEO position has very little in common with starting your own business.

…and running an established corporation as a CEO probably has even less in common with what you will experience as a new business owner.

For all intents and purposes, these are two very different paths that usually don’t intersect.

I had zero experience as a CEO prior to starting my first business and my experience as a CEO back then is very different compared to today.

As we continue to grow, I suspect my experience as a CEO will be equally different 5–10 years from now.

My point is that there is very little you can do to prepare yourself for being a CEO of new business and going through the process of growing with your company as it scales.

However, I think it’s extremely valuable to have extensive industry experience before starting a business.

So if your question was, “I have very little experience in the field of X but I want to start a business doing Y to serve that specific market. Do you feel it would be beneficial to get a job within that industry to learn more about X first?”

My answer would be, “Yes, absolutely!”

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August 7, 2021 at 6:24:13 PM

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