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My pitch deck is KILLLING me

I can’t anymore. I’ve been working on this thing for days and it’s just not going anywhere. I’m genuinely good at making them, I made one and it won 2 competitions. For my actual startup, I can’t find data or anything on my industry. Just a little rant but if anyone got some advice, feel free to send me a message or comment.

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Winning competition and doing it in real industry is totally different things, otherwise it is theater. First you need cofounder to bounce ideas. You are forming a company, which in English means two people. Second you need to have been INSIDE the market for long time to scout out the details. In real world, every information is PROTECTED because it is people's livelihood. You can make up things but VCs would see through them.

A "10 page ppt stack" really takes 15 combined years to prepare and scout and 15 years to execute. If you are spend 5000 dollars to buy a real market research report, it is still not useful for Sand Hill Road. it is good enough to win a competition at Stanford perhaps. Projection and guesstimation can win at schools, not in reality.

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June 29, 2020 at 2:25:08 AM

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